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New rules for travelling from Italy to Israel



New rules for travelling from Italy to Israel


Travel to Israel

The Israeli government has announced a possible reopening to international tourist flows starting from January 9, on which official confirmation is still awaited as well as the approval of the related regulatory regulations.At the moment entry or transit into Israel is forbidden to non-resident foreign citizens .

In some cases of exceptional nature,foreign citizens who need to travel to Israel can submit an application entry form to the "Exceptions Committee" ( /forms/!requestDetails). The latter will evaluate the request and, if necessary, will grant an entry authorization.Travelers from Italy, authorized to enter the country and holders of an Israeli vaccination passport certifying the complete vaccination cycle (three doses carried out less than 120 days) or a valid certificate of recovery (issued less than 120 days), must remain in quarantine until the result of the PCR test that will be done upon arrival at the airport is received or in any case no later than 24 hours after entering the country.

However, the regulatory framework remains very fluid. It is therefore recommended to avoid all unnecessary travel to or from Israel and to constantly monitor the site of the Israeli Ministry of Health, to which we refer for any further information.