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University Students


University Students

Studiare in Italia

University Students 



Every year, hundreds of Israeli students choose to attend Italian universities. For information on attending university in Italy and on how to obtain the necessary entry visa, please visit Universitaly.





Italian Universities – Pre-Enrollment 2018-19

Academic Orientation: specific information about exam’s dates, courses, available slots and costs are available on the following website . Otherwise, it is possible to get in contact with the Istituto di Cultura of Haifa and Tel Aviv or directly with the university.

Area of Competence: everywhere in the State of Israel with the exception of the area of Jerusalem, whose residents should contact the Italian Consulate General in Jerusalem for the ENTIRE process.

Israeli citizens regularly residing abroad may request the embassy in Tel Aviv to issue a statement of equal value, but they have to pre-enroll in the Italian Consulate General of their area.

Types of Enrollment in the Italian Universities:

Direct Enrollment: European citizens or those who wish to attend private universities will have to enroll autonomously and verify directly with the secretariat of the university the documents necessary to enroll, which usually consist in the statement of equal value (dichiarazione di valore) issued by the Consular Office.
Israeli citizens who also possess a European citizenship are obliged to enroll directly as European citizens.

Pre-Enrollment: the process of pre-enrollment is required by public Italian universities for non-European citizens
1) Deadline: once the date established by MIUR expires (usually on 7th of July), it will not be possible to pre-enroll, no exceptions allowed.

2) Minimum Requirements: Bagrut Melea and Psychometric Entrance Test grade of at least 400.

3) Appointment for Pre-Enrollment:
- Click on “prenota online” (book online)
- After the subscription, click on “Studenti Università” (University Students) and book the appointment.
- The student must attend the appointment in person.
- Applicants who have already pre-enrolled in the past must bring all the documents like the others, adding the statement of equal value (see example) in its original form and photocopy.
- Form A filled and signed, see instructions. It is imperative to clearly specify the name of the chosen university, of the degree course and of the intended language of study.
- A valid passport.
- Bagrut Melea with Apostille and Italian translation. Here a list of possible translators.
- Original Psychometric Test Results in English, or in Hebrew translated into Italian.
- 2 photocopies of every document: original, translation and apostille to be presented in the same order of the original document.
- Applicants who have completed secondary education studies abroad or in accordance with foreign regulations must request the statement of equal value of their studies to the competent Italian Consulate of their area and show the statement of equal value during the appointment. Without the statement of equal value the student may be admitted with reserve.

4) Admission with reserve: it is possible to go to the appointment for the pre-enrollment without the Bagrut and the Psychometric Exam results by requesting the admission with reserve, which means having the possibility to take the exam on a given date, provided that by this date missing documentation has been obtained and presented. It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain the documents and legally certify them at the Embassy within the right timeframe, taking into consideration the time this may require. The students who do not manage to obtain and deliver the documents on time risk not being accepted to the university. To know the exact deadline for the delivery of documents, it is necessary to contact the students’ secretariat of the university.

5) Enrollment in Universitaly and at university: In addition to the pre-enrollment procedure through the embassy, the student is obliged to enroll in the desired exam/degree course and to pay the required tax, both through the website universitaly (medicine, veterinary medicine and architecture) and through the website of the desired university.

During the enrollment procedure on universitaly, it will be required to select the preferred university, which has to necessarily correspond to the one declared on FORM A and to the one selected in pre-enrollment; moreover, it will be possible to add other available universities offering the same degree course as secondary choices, in case the obtained score does not allow the enrollment in the preferred university.

6) Double Pre-Enrollment: the student may request an appointment of pre-enrollment to enroll in only one degree course, either in Italian or in English, in only one university.

7) Change of Preferences: although it is highly unadvisable, it will be possible to send an email to , before the deadline of pre-enrollment, in order to change the preferred university or the chosen degree course and wait for eventual approval.

Legalization of documents: students wishing to legalize the Hebrew-written documents translated into Italian will have to obtain an online appointment for legalization or get in touch with the honorary consulates of Haifa, Nazareth, Beer Sheva and Eilat. The service costs 57 shekel (subject to trimestral change) for every page in Hebrew. Nevertheless if the student already has the Italian student card or an acceptance letter the service will be free of charge.

In case of unavailability of online appointments, if the legalization is urgent, it is possible to send an email to  to request an overtime appointment.

Tax Code (Codice Fiscale): those wishing to request the Tax Code must book online an appointment for “codice fiscale” and bring the necessary signed form and their passport. It should be noted that it is possible to obtain the Tax Code also in Italy.