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Political relations


Political relations

The traditionally intense relations between Italy and Israel have seen a progressive strengthening in all sectors in recent years and political dialogue has developed in the broadest sense of the term. The consistency of bilateral relations is manifested by a stronger presence of Italian companies in Israel, important cultural initiatives, a growth in tourist flows, dynamic commercial exchanges and frequent visits at political and institutional level.

Israel sees Italy as a partner that is particularly congenial to it: a great Mediterranean democracy with a robust industrial system that manages to reconcile advanced technological development with attention to social issues, family life, and to the weakest sections of the population. Israelis love to travel to Italy and greatly appreciate the lifestyle, the cultural and landscape beauties, the high-end and design products and the Italian cuisine. Israel also highly values the consistent and firm policy of all our institutions in countering the rise of antisemitism and any form of boycott against Israel.

Italy, for its part, considers Israel a friendly country for the common roots that bind the peoples and for the significant contribution that the Jewish community of the Italian diaspora has always given to Italian economic and cultural development. In the unstable Middle Eastern region, Israel represents a strategic point of reference for Italy, whose existence and security cannot be questioned.

In the last ten years, Israel has represented an increasingly important partner for Italy, for facing political and security challenges in the Mediterranean area, for cooperation in the defense sectors and, above all, for scientific and industrial research and development collaboration opportunities in the hi-tech sectors.