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Cooperazione culturale


Cooperazione culturale


Cultural Cooperation

The Italian Culture enjoys in
Israel the utmost attention. Israelis are constantly expressing a great demand and fondness towards cultural activities of the highest profile and all events organized during the last few years have been very well received. 

Israelis know Italy well, and visit Italy frequently for motives of studies, work, tourism, or scientific and artistic interchange. The cultural demand is therefore sophisticated and strong, not only in the more classic sectors, but also in the modern and contemporary ones.

Such interests
touch up with all the spheres of the Italian cultural life: from music to literature, from figurative art to architecture, from restoration to design, from cinema to fashion. The attraction towards our culture is present in diversified sectors of the population, including the younger generations. It is worthwhile to indicate in this context that only in the last ten years no less than 105 books of Italian authors were translated from Italian to Hebrew.

A special connection between our culture and the Israeli society has been constituted through the lively activity of the community of Italian Jews who immigrated to
Israel: in particular the community in Jerusalem, consisting of about 5000 people. This community has given life to a cultural center, in vicinity to the Museum Umberto Nahon of Italian Jewish Art, popular among the Israeli public. The promotion of the Italian culture has therefore become pivotal also in the context of valorizing the antique and rich Jewish-Italian heritage, as well as deepening the collaboration with the Associations that represent the Jews of Italian origin in Israel, and including the large community of Jews from a Libyan origin (about 100,000 in Israel and 3,000 in Italy, about 70% of them of Italian culture). It is in this spirit that the Italian Cultural Institute initiated and organized a series of activities in the Cultural Center of the Jews of Libyan Origin in Or Yehuda, where recently a course of the Italian language has been launched.

In order to further amplify the circle of the audiences pursuing the cultural activities, the Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute have recently stimulated the creation of an Association titled "Amitei Italia" (Friends of Italy), organizing more than 15,000 people who know our language, love our country and are interested in attending events in Italian and about Italy.
This initiative stands side by side with the establishing, during last fall, of the "Club degli amici dell'Istituto Italiano di Cultura", that is, the "Club of the friends of the Italian Cultural Institute".

Particular attention is being given, in sinergy between the cultural sector and the scientific section of the Embassy, to the collaboration between the academic and scientific institutes of the two countries in the scope of launching mechanisms of interchange.

In 2004 the negotiations for the new triennial protocol (2004-2007) of the Bilateral Accord in the Cultural Sector in force as of November 1971.

The Italian Cultural Institute operates in Israel as of 1960 with its principal office at Tel Aviv and a separated section in Haifa. In 2004 the office of Tel Aviv has been transferred to the same building where the offices of the Embassy are situated, while in its other offices, located at the heart of Tel Aviv (Dizengoff 205) courses of the Italian language are being held.

The Italian language is being taught in various centers around the country. The total number of students studying in centers under the direct control of the Italian Cultural Institute on 2004 reached 1500, in 150 courses with 30 teachers. If the Dante Alighieri Society courses are considered, the figure reaches 2500 students.

Recently, the possibility of introducing the teaching of the Italian language in various high schools and academic institutes has been successfully negotiated. For the academic year 2005-2006 the Italian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv has achieved an agreement with the Interdisciplinary Center di Herzelya for the opening of three academic courses of Italian Culture and Language. Italian is also being taught in four of the seven universities in Israel: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv University, the Ben Gurion University in Be'er Sheva and the Haifa University.

The average of registrations of young Israeli students to Italian universities stands on about 400 per year, mainly in the sectors of medicine, law, science, politics, architecture, and art. The registrations for courses for the academic year 2004-2005 have seen a major increase of about 10%.