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Settori di rilievo per Italia


Settori di rilievo per Italia


Opportunities and tools for cooperation  

Technological and scientific cooperation between Italy and Israel in recent years can be certainly defined as excellent, both for the number of collaboration opportunities promoted and accomplished, and for their sheer relevance to specific sectors where Israel and Italy share common interests.    

In particular, the July 11th 2002 Law (no. 154) about "Ratification and execution of cooperation agreement in the field of research and industrial, scientific and technological development between Italy and Israel" has been enabling in the past few years a direct financial support to nearly 30 projects involving a number of prominent companies and research centers from both countries.
The same law enabled the organization of about 30 conferences, seminaries and Italian- Israeli Workshops about different themes (environmental technologies, artificial intelligence, new materials, molecular and cellular biology, agriculture, astrophysics, scientific applications to cultural goods, oncology…). Some 400 Italians took part in such activities (among them: University teachers, researchers, representatives of private companies and public institutions), thus favoring the development of a number of Italian-Israeli collaborations and partnerships.  

Moreover, the intergovernmental agreement of cooperation between Italy and Israel in the field of Health and Medical Sciences, signed in Rome in October 2002, provided further impetus to a number of collaborations between Italian and Israeli hospitals in the fields of medical staff training and heart and cancer care, accompanying further initiatives from some Italian regions (as Toscana and Veneto) for the provision of health and specialized equipments, as well the interchange of experiences and training stages.  

There have been also important agreements to promote the Italian- Israeli collaboration in the environmental and agricultural fields.
What is important to underline is that, thanks to the critical mass of the above-mentioned initiatives, directly funded by intergovernmental agreements, a significant networks of contacts and scientific and technological collaborations has been put in place, which in turn has produced –through cooperation- some very important results. Not to be overlooked is also the outstanding number of agreements and understandings for joint projects (15) signed by Italian and Israeli Universities, directly spurred  by the Italian Ministry of University and Research through its Internationalization funds (FIRB). Similarly, a huge number of projects (89, out of which 19 are under Italian coordination),  involving Universities, research entities and Israeli and Italian companies, have been funded by the European Commission out of the Sixth Framework Program of RTS.
The Intergovernmental Agreement for industrial, scientific and technological cooperation, signed in Bologna on June 13th, 2000, deserves a specific mention as a very effective tool for the development of relations between |Italy and Israel in the field of research and industrial, scientific and technological development. It constituted a coherent framework, paving the way to subsequent initiatives and promoting the intial phase of a number of important scientific- industrial bilateral projects.  

A share of the financial envelope linked to Law no. 154 has been earmarked to conferences, seminaries and workshops organization to activate new contacts and cooperation between Universities, Research Entities and industrial operators of the two countries.  

The funding available for the three years period 2009- 2010- 2011 has been sizably increased in June 2009, when the Italian Parliament approved a budget of about 3 million euro per year. This decision has turned Italy into the main European partner of Israel as to bilateral cooperation in the R&D field.