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Booking appointments with the Consular Chancery  
Appointments with the Consular Chancery can only be arranged on-line. No appointment will be arranged on the phone or via e-mail.


- For services in great demand, there might be a waiting list of two months or more. The Embassy is aware of users' difficulties in arranging appointments with the Consular Chancery through the on-line procedure. Although the on-line system is fully functional, the high number of appointment requests fill up the available slots very quickly. However, new slots are opened every day and they are only assigned via the on-line procedure. Users are encouraged to try several times.
Appointments cannot be arranged on the phone or via e-mail.

A few days before the date fixed, users will receive an automatic email which will 'request confirmation of the appointment. The appointment must be confirmed by following the instructions in the email within three days earlier, on pain of its cancellation.

- A new meeting must be booked for each consular service. The Embassy's staff will not assist for services and beneficiaries different from the booked ones.

- Applicants are kindly requested to arrive at the Consular Chancery at least 20 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment to allow for identification by the Embassy's security staff. Latecomers will not be received and they will be requested to book a new appointment on-line.

- All relevant supporting documentation must be provided during the meeting. Please visit Consular Services to check what documents are needed for each specific consular service. In case of lack of documentation it will not be possible to provide the requested service and the user will have to book a new appointment on-line.

- The on-line appointment booking system allows for cancellations. Please cancel your appointment if it is not needed to avoid causing unnecessary delays to other users.

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