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Precautions for your safety


Precautions for your safety

Security framework in the country

Stay informed about the security framework in the country by consulting, in addition to the Embassy website and social media accounts, the following websites:

> Viaggiare Sicuri

> Home Front Command

We also recommend that you register your trip to Israel on the portal of the Crisis Unit of the Farnesina "Dove siamo nel mondo". In this regard, we remind you that you can access all the "Safe Travel" and "Where we are in the world" services by downloading the new App of the Farnesina Crisis Unit to your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the App you can geolocate yourself to receive notifications during transits in potentially most at risk areas, real-time updates on dangerous situations, and confirm your safety following critical events.


Procedures and provisions in the event of an alarm

The State of Israel boasts one of the most advanced missile defense and security systems in the world. Any risks of missile attack are reported through the activation of a warning siren system. If so, please follow the directions below:

  • if you are inside a building, go to the security room, called "Mamad" in Hebrew;
  • if you are outdoors, enter the nearest building or, if this is not possible, lie down on the ground covering your head with your hands;
  • if you are driving, stop the vehicle at the side of the road and enter the nearest building / shelter or lie on the ground covering your head with your hands.

Unless otherwise specified, you can leave the refuge or resume driving your vehicle 10 minutes after the alarm has ceased.

For more information, watch this video and visit the Home Front Command website.