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Camera di commercio mista


Camera di commercio mista



The Israel Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1955 as a non profit association. In 1993 it received recognition from the Italian Government. The Chamber is part of a world wide network of 68 bi-national Italian chambers and enjoys full collaboration with the local Chambers of Commerce in Italy.

The Chamber helps its members in developing and holding mutually beneficial business relations and in creating new business opportunities by: 

  • Incorporating members into the databases of the Italian Chambers in Italy and abroad and providing them with exposure to potential clients and opportunity to publicize their offerings.
  • Providing knowldege and information services such as: publication of trade news, market analyses, business opportunities and so on.
  • Providing support and consultation to already established businesses in solving every problem that can rise in their day to day activities.
  • Organizing business, technology and industry meetings, seminars, events with delegations from both countries.

The Chamber assists its members in finding and fully exploiting the bilateral trade and investment opportunities they seek providing them with Information Services, Assistance and Mediation.
The Chamber can count on a huge number of collaborators both in Israel and in Italy, enabling it to give quick and reliable responses to every applicant. Efficiency stems also from the Chamber's widespread information and social networks, access to strategic databases (including the databases of the 64 Italian chambers all over the world and of the 102 regional chambers in Italy), active collaboration with local institutions, contacts and collaboration with all governmental and statal offices, embassies and consulates of both countries.

Information Services provided by the Chamber: 

  • Bi-weekly publication of business opportunities based on the analysis and comparison of numerous requests received, or on the basis of contacting potential partners. 
  • Delivering information about exhibitions and presentations. 
  • International tenders (rules, requirements) information delivery
  • Market country analyses 
  • Background checks on companies

Assistance, Reference and Mediation Services: 

  • Assistance to existing business in logistic and day to day problems
  • Assistance to visiting delegations, organization of bilateral delegations and product presentations 
  • Exhibitions, seminars, workshops and social events organization. 
  • Individual Consulting 
  • Information about bi-national agreements 
  • Technology transfers and licensing 
  • Trade mark and patent protection 
  • Advice on founding new branches and companies