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Change name or surname


Change name or surname


Change or modification of name or surname

Italian citizens who change or modify their given name or last name in accordance with the Israeli procedure appear in Italian registries with the original name or surname. The changes and modifications of name or surname are regulated by Presidential Decree 396, 3.11.2000. Changes made abroad to the first or last name of an Italian citizen are recognized in Italy only if they have a judicial nature, and if the requirements of Law 218/1995 are fulfilled. In Israel, these changes are normally made through an administrative procedure.

Procedure. To ensure that changes or modifications of name or surname are recognized in the Italian legal system it is necessary to:

- Forward (directly or through the Embassy of Italy) a request to the competent Prefect in Italy.
To forward the request through the Embassy please arrange an appointment with the Consular Chancery.
The request must enclose these documentation:

a) Affidavit "Dichiarazione sostitutiva di atto notorio" confirming that there are no charges pending in Italy, and compliance of the procedure with local laws.

b) For changes or modifications of the family name: consent of any affected family member (ie parents, spouse, adult children), accompanied by a photocopy of their identity document.

c) Copy of a valid Italian passport or identity document.

d) if You already changed Your name and/or surname in Israel, You shall also bring the original certificate of the changing of the name and/ or surname, with the Apostille of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translation by a translator known to the Embassy..

- The applicant will receive through the Embassy the Prefect's consent to post the decree informing on the name change or modification on the consular board (if the request has been sent directly by the applicant, the Embassy will request a copy).
The decree is posted for 30 days, after which the Embassy formally confirms the posting to the Prefect.
The applicant will ten receive through the Embassy a new decree by the Prefect's stating the name change or modification.
The decree is posted for 30 days on the Embassy's consular board, after which the Embassy register the change or modification in the civil registry.