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Registry of Italians (A.I.R.E.)


Registry of Italians (A.I.R.E.)

Procedure. A.I.R.E. registration is free and online.
To enrol please go directly on the following website:

Please note that you have to duly attach:

1. The relevant form completed in all its parts, including data of the applicant and all members their household.
2. A valid passport of the applicant and of each member of their household along with copies of each clearly showing the holder picture, their signature and biographical data and the document's number.
3. Documentation proving residency in Israel, e.g. residence certificate "Tamzit Rishum Male", or utilities bills such as water, electricity, gas, or municipal taxes, with the applicant's name. If the applicant is an Italian citizen in Israel for study or work reasons, the Israeli entry visa is accepted as proof of residence.

Updating data
Change of address.



Registry of Italians Residing Abroad (A.I.R.E.)

For general information please visit the relevant section of the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Registering. Article. 8 of Law no. 470/88 (Italian only) states that regardless of their Country of birth all Italian citizens who intend to reside in Israel for a period exceeding 12 months, are required to register with the Consular Chancery of the Embassy of Italy in Tel Aviv in the A.I.R.E. (Register of Italians Residing Abroad), within 90 days from the date of arrival.

This provision also applies to Italian citizens who emigrated before 1988 (year of enactment of Law no. 470/88). A.I.R.E. registration is a necessary requirement for obtaining most services such as issuance of documents and certificates issued by the consular office (including passports).

Failure to update the registration in A.I.R.E., in particular in case of change of address, makes it impossible to contact the Italian citizen thus preventing them, among other things, to participate in the electoral process.
Italian citizens are thus required to promptly update their A.I.R.E. registration data, including the transfer of residence or domicile, household composition, marital status changes also in view of the transcription in Italy of acts registered abroad (marriage, birth, divorce, death, etc..), definitive return to Italy, loss of Italian citizenship.
Please note that an updated A. I.R.E. registration simplifies and accelerate most consular services.