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Entering Italy with pets


Entering Italy with pets


   dog     Entering Italy with pets

Detailed and updated information on how to travel to the European Union with domestic pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) may be found on the website of the European Commission. Please note different conditions apply depending on the country of provenance of the pet and on the specific European country of destination.

To bring up to five pets from Israel to Italy:

1. The animal shall be identified by an electronic identification system (transponder) or by a clearly readable tattoo applied before 3 July 2011, of which the alphanumeric code corresponds to the one documented in the health certificate.

2. A health certificate proving rabies vaccination and blood testing carried out by an approved lab no more than three months before movement is required.

The certificate must be accompanied by supporting documentation, or a certified copy of it, including vaccination details and the result of the serological test.

This documentation must bear the identification details of the animal concerned. The certificate is valid for movements within the EU for a period of four months from the date of issue or until the date of expiry of the vaccination, whichever is earlier.

Please note the test needs not to be renewed on a pet animal which has been revaccinated at regular intervals prescribed by the vaccine producing laboratory. Also, the three-month period shall not apply to the re-entry of a pet animal whose passport certifies that the test was carried out, with a positive result, before the animal left the territory of the European Union.