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Driving licence


Driving licence



Traffic Tickets issued in Italy

Conversion of Italian driving license in Israel

On Nov. 11, 2013 the Agreement between Italy and Israel on reciprocal recognition of driving licenses, signed in Jerusalem on October 25, 2012, entered into force.
Italian driving license holders legally residing in Israeli territory will be able to convert their license without undergoing theory and practice tests. The conversion will be carried out only for licenses of the following categories: B, C1 (cars) and A2, A1, A (motorcycles).
In order to obtain the conversion, the Italian license should be presented to the competent office of the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, alongside with medical certification by a general practitioner and by an ophthalmologist. For procedures and requests, please refer to

Coordinator of Driver Licensing
Bank Israel St. POB 8675
91008 Jerusalem, Israel
Tel. 00972 2 6663071
Fax 00972 2 6663055 Email:


Renewal of driving license


Procedure. To renew a driving license it is necessary to:

Perform a medical examination (fee applied) with the medical doctor known to the Embassy
(Dr Maurizio Monselise, 18 Hagilboa Street Tel Aviv, tel. 03685 8649, mob. 052 830 5838)
requesting the specific medical certificate.
- Arrange an appointment with the Consular Chancery of the Embassy of Italy in Tel Aviv.
- Submit the following documents at the appointment:

1. Original driving license
2. Aforementioned medical certificate
3. Two passport-size photos (rules for photographs)
4. Cash in ILS for consular fees.