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World Week of Italian Cuisine


ד / 11 / 2020

World Week of Italian Cuisine


23-29 November

Movie in streaming Quanto basta” (Italian language with Hebrew subtitles)

Directed by Francesco Falaschi, Italy 2018. A starred chef who has been in prison for anger issues, and who has met a young student with Aspergers while doing his community service sentence, teams up with the teen for a culinary competition.

VIMEO Password: settimanacucinaitaliana (from 16:00 of 23/11 to 17:00 of 29/11)

Video recipes by ALMA, International School of Italian Cuisine (in English)

Chefs by ALMA will prepare Italian recipes during zoom meetings.


23 November

10:00    Scientific webinar: The dark side of the food: great, but hidden features you do not imagine (in English)

Italian and Israeli food experts will discuss how our food and certain ingredients can affect our health and taste perception. With Prof. Ilaria Mannazzo and Prof. Severino Zara (Univ of. Sassari), Prof. Diego Mora (Univ. of Milan), Gideon Bilinsky and Ayala Noy Meir.


13.00     Workshop: “La Pizza” by Franco Pepe (in Hebrew and Italian)

Workshop by the best pizza chef in the world, Franco Pepe, “Ambasciatore del gusto” (Ambassador of taste) to Israel for the 2020 edition of the week of the Italian cuisine.


14.30     Workshop: “Il pane”, Italian bread (in Hebrew)

Different breads from the different Italian regions. With the Israeli chef Jonathan Sharvit and the collaboration of the importer Diplomat.


16.00     Workshop: Pellegrino Artusi: a journey in the history of Italian gastronomy

On the occasion of Artusi’s bicentenary, Massimo Isola (Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Faenza), Martina Liverani (journalist and food blogger) and chef Emanuela Panke will discover some peculiarities about Artusi's work and will guide the preparation of an Artusian kosher menu.

ZOOM (16:00, in Italian)

ZOOM (18:00, in Hebrew and English)

17.00     Workshop: Homemade Italian ice-cream (in Hebrew)

Ice cream, sorbets, granita: how to make a real Italian ice cream at home. With Marco Camorali and Sissi Pagani of Arte Glideria.


18:00     Culinary workshop with chef Peppe Guida (in Hebrew and Italian)

The Michelin starred chef Peppe Guida, “Ambasciatore del gusto” (Ambassador of taste) to Israel for the 2020 edition of the week of the Italian cuisine, will prepare one of his most famous pasta recipes: “Pasta e patate con tartufo”. At the same time the local chef in Israel will prepare another one of Peppe Guida’s recipes: “Pasta alla Nerano”. Wine will be offered by Fantini Farnese winery.


19:00     Workshop: A pastry from Amalfi (in Hebrew and Italian)

Virtual tour in the renowned Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast) among its famous lemon groves. The pastry chef Nicola Pansa will teach how to prepare a “Lemon pasticciotto”.


24 November

10.00     Workshop: “L’Arancino”, Sicilian street food (in Hebrew and Italian)

Workshop on Arancini and Ragusan landscapes of Montalbano by Chef Giovanni Galesi from Restaurant Tabaré of Scicli. With the collaboration of SMEG D&G collection.


13:00     Webinar: Fellini tra Roma e Rimini (in Hebrew)

To mark the centenary of the great Italian Director, a video conference about Fellini and his two cities, Rimini and Rome, presented by Prof. Liat Lola Levy.


14:00     Workshop: Praline, chocolate from Modica (in Hebrew and Italian)

Virtual tour in the production of chocolate in Modica (Sicily). An unforgettable experience preparing your own chocolate with a live chocolate maker from the heart of the Baroque of Val di Noto. With Elvira Roccasalva.


15:30     Workshop: The hidden wines of Italy (in Hebrew and Italian)

Virtual trip and wine tasting in the lesser known but no less extraordinary Italian wine territories, from Falanghina of Campania to Primitivo of Puglia. Fabio Piccoli from Wine Meridian (web magazine) and Benny Ben Israel from Tel Aviv will discover the regions and roads less known and travelled by the classic tourist circuits, enhancing their landscapes and local traditions through their typical products. Wine tasting from La Guardiense and Fantini Farnese Wineries.


17:00     Workshop: Fantini Farnese wines (in Hebrew and Italian)

Traveling through six Italian regions with wineries and their wines. With Oren Tsilinski and Valentino Sciotti, winery owner from Italy, and with the collaboration of Fantini Farnese Winery.


18:00     “Sparkling wine stories” Italian sparkling wines (in Hebrew and Italian)

A short virtual journey among Italian sparkling wines: Franciacorta and Prosecco with Fabio Piccoli from Wine Meridian and sommelier Ruti Ben Israel. Wine tasting from Villa Sandi and Villa Franciacorta wineries.


19:00     Panel: Italian sports tourism (in Hebrew)

This virtual journey will show the opportunities that Italy can offer to the world of sport thanks to its strategic geographical position, the quality of food and highly experienced sport centers: an attractive place for training sessions and retreats of sport teams. With Israeli football player Tal Banin, Israeli Team Bicycle Start Up Nation, Roma Club Gerusalemme, and Inter Aliya. In collaboration with Talm sport and Caffè Lavazza.


25 November

10:00     Workshop: How to take good pictures of an Italian menu (in Hebrew)

Lesson by photographer Gal Ben Zeev on how to use the smartphone to best capture Italian food. Social pictures and travel stories, panoramas, people and food through smartphone lenses.


12:00     Virtual tour in the lands of Lambrusco (in Hebrew and Italian)

Discovering Lambrusco in the lands of Ferrari, Maserati and Ducati. Wine tourism and motors with Fabio Piccoli by Wine Meridian. Wine tasting in collaboration with Ceci Winery.


13:30     Virtual tour: The Chianti Region and wine tasting in a Vespa (in Hebrew and Italian)

Virtual trip through the history and landscapes of wine-growing areas of the Chianti Region by Paolo Corbini, Director of Città del Vino Association, Fabio Piccoli by Wine Meridian and chef Emanuela Panke. Terre del Vino, the monthly magazine of the association, will be the media partner of the event. Wine tasting from Il Drago e la Fornace winery from Colle Val d’Elsa.


15:00     Workshop: From Hummus to Sicilian “panelle”. Chickpeas: an identifying element of Mediterranean cuisine (in Hebrew and Italian)

Virtual tour of Siracusa and workhshop on “panelle”, the “cecina” from Tuscany and the “farinata” from Liguria. By chef Lucia Mazzullo (Siracusa) from Italy and Israeli expert of Sicilian history Moshe Ben Simon. With the support of Birra Moretti.


17:00     Webinar: Olive oil in the Mediterranean. The different Italian cultivars (in Hebrew and Italian)

Together with Italian and Israeli experts, we will learn how to use the various Italian olive oils thanks to the Italian Association “Città dell’Olio” which groups together about 150 Italian municipalities producing olive oil and which has been promoting their protection as tourist destinations for years. With the collaboration of Rish Lakish olive press in Zippori.


19:00     Virtual tour: Risotto and more throughout Piemonte (in Hebrew)

A virtual tour in the land of rice fields and truffles: Piemonte the queen region of gourmet travels. Virtual tour of Piemonte in the company of celebrities from the Israeli showbiz. Vered Samin, producer of the documentary “The Wonderful Journey” featuring with Gidi Gov and Israel Aharoni, will talk and present clips from the episodes shot in the region. With the collaboration of Benny Ben Israel and Israeli Aharoni, and of Ferrero, Caffarel and Lavazza (famous brands of Piemonte).


26 November  

10:00     Virtual tour: Abruzzo, wines between sea and mountains (in Hebrew and Italian)

A virtual trip in the magical wine world of Abruzzo, discovering the landscapes of this amazing and unknown region with Fabio Piccoli by Wine Meridian and the Italian tourist guide Rebecca Galante.

Wine tasting from Zaccagnini winery, Pescara.


13:00     Workshop: Napoli street food (in Hebrew and Italian)

By Chef Nicola Miele from School of the Gambero Rosso Academy in Naples and the touristic guide Hagit Hevron who organizes the trips of the Amica Geniale books by Elena Ferrante. With the collaboration of Benny Ben Israel and the support of Birra Moretti.


15:00     Virtual tour: The Italian Red wines masterpieces (in Hebrew and Italian)

Travelling through Piemonte (Monferrato) and Veneto (Valpolicella) with Fabio Piccoli by Wine Meridian and Benny Ben Israel. Tasting with Il Poggio and Farina Wineries


16:00     Workshop: “Il Panzerotto”, Puglia street food (in Hebrew and Italian)

Travelling in Puglia (Apulia) and cooking the famous “panzerotto” with Chef Eleuteria Cecere from Bari. With the support of Birra Moretti.


17:00     Workshop: Polenta and the Italian Dolomites (in Hebrew)

Cooking class on polenta and its condiments in a space where we will reproduce the atmosphere of the Dolomites. Dreaming of the next ski vacation. With the collaboration of Skideal and Benny Ben Israel.


19:00     Workshop: Nutella pastry cooking class (in Hebrew)

Snacks for children and adults: three recipes to prepare healthy snacks and cakes with Nutella Ferrero: Panna Cotta, Tiramisù and Cake pops with Nutella.


27 November

8:00       A tour with Alfa Romeo: the Israeli Mille Miglia

The story of the thousand miles (Mille Miglia) routes in Alfa, a day where Alfa Romeo Club in Israel will give life to a local Mille Miglia. The race will close in Galilee in Zippori with a final Italian picnic.

2 December

18:00     Video Conference and recipe: sweets and traditional fried food for Hanukkah. (in Hebrew)

By Susy Cesana Amram on traditional Italian Jewish cuisine for Hanukkah.