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Travel during COVID-19



Travel during COVID-19

Travel to and from Israel

To enter Israel, it must be presented upon boarding a negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours of departure and the health self-certification ("inbound clearance application") filled in online within 24 hours of departure. For non-Israeli citizens, an entry permit is also required by the Israeli authorities, issued at the request of the interested parties (for more information, see this link). Upon arrival in the country, travelers will have to carry out an additional PCR test at the airport. In the event of a negative test, travelers with a vaccination or recovery certificate issued by the Israeli health authorities will not be subjected to a quarantine obligation, while for all the others there is a 14-day quarantine period that can be reduced to 10 days in the case of a further negative PCR test performed nine days after arrival (more information is available here). Passengers with a non-Israeli vaccination or recovery certificate will be able to apply for exemption from quarantine by undergoing a serological test (see this page for more details).

To leave Israel, it is necessary to present at boarding the health self-certification ("outbound clearance application") filled in online within 24 hours of departure and, for passengers who do not have a vaccination or recovery certificate issued by the Authorities Israeli health authorities, a negative PCR test carried out in the 72 hours prior to departure. It should be noted that for entry into some countries from Israel, a negative PCR test may also be required for travelers with a vaccination or recovery certificate. It is therefore necessary to pay close attention to the entry rules of the country of destination.

Warning! The Israeli authorities could further modify the provisions relating to entry into the country. It is therefore recommended that you constantly monitor this page of the Israeli Ministry of Health website and the website of your airline. It is also suggested to pay particular attention to the health rules and prescriptions provided by the countries of destination or transit.

For more information:

> Israeli Ministry of Health

> Viaggiare Sicuri


Travel to Italy

From May 16 to July 30, anyone who enters Italy from Israel for any duration will not have to undergo quarantine by presenting the certificate of a negative molecular or antigenic swab carried out in the 48 before entering Italy.

Before boarding, travelers are required to fill out the European "Passenger Locator Form" online and the self-declaration for entry into Italy from abroad to be delivered in paper format upon arrival.

On the basis of Italian legislation, travel is allowed without the need for motivation, including for tourism.

For more information:

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Coronavirus, information and precautionary measures

On the website of the Italian Ministry of Health you can find a section entirely dedicated to the “New Coronavirus”, with useful information regarding the virus and the related pathology (COVID-19). For additional information consult the following pages:

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> How to protect yourself from the new coronavirus

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