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Travel during COVID-19



Travel during COVID-19


Travel to Israel

From 9 January (00:01am), Israel opens up for vaccinated visitors. There will be no need any longer to obtain entry permits, from any country. Effective immediately, there are no more "Red" countries either.

Anyone entering Israel, is required to take 4 steps:

• present at check-in a vaccination / EU recovery certificate less than six months old;
• present at check-ina negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before departure or an antigen test in the 24 hours before the flight.
• submit an online Entry Statement Form during the last 48 hours before departure;
• take a PCR test immediately upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport and proceed to home quarantine of up to 24 hours or until a negative result is received, whichever comes first.

It is recommended to constantly monitor the site of the Israeli Ministry of Health (or to call the call center at +972-8624-1010), to which we refer for any further information or the Israeli Ministry of tourism .

For more information:

> Israeli Ministry of Health

> Viaggiare Sicuri


Travel to Italy

The Israeli authorities have ordered that Italy is considered a destination with a medium epidemiological risk (“Orange” in the Israeli Ministry of Health classification).Travel to Italy is therefore permitted but not recommended for all Israeli citizens and resident foreigners. On the other hand, according to the Italian legislation, entry into Italy from Israel is also allowed for tourism reasons. Before departure, however, it is mandatory to adhere to the protocol provided for the countries included in list D, available at this link. Please note that the Italian Ministry of Health has recognized the Israeli certificates of vaccination and recovery from COVID (see-recognized model here) and those certifying a negative swab as equivalent to the Italian certificates for access in Italy to indoor venues and public establishments, as well as at shows and events.

Therefore, to enter Italy from Israel it is necessary:

  1. fill in the "Exit statement" required by the Israeli authorities within 24 hours of departure;
  2. present to the air carrier at the time of boarding a) a vaccination certificate and B) a Covid test (PCR or antigenic) carried out within 72 hours of departure;
  3. compulsorily fill in the European “Passenger Locator Form” online (fill it in here).

In case you are not able to present a certificate proving the completion of a vaccination cycle, it is still possible to enter Italy but it is mandatory to :

  • Undergo a molecular Covid test ,72 hours prior your entry into Italy or an antigenic test carried out 24 hours prior your entry into Italy;
  • Enter isolation, for a period of five (5) days;
  • Undergo a further molecular or antigenic test, at the end of the isolation period.

Please contact your airline carrier to verify if any internal specific regulation of the company applies.


Travelers recovered from Covid-19.
According to Italian legislation, those recovered from Covid-19 complete their vaccination cycle even with a single dose of vaccine, which must be administered preferably within 6 months and in any case no later than 9 months after recovery.

1) Molecular or antigenic test: all children under the age of six entering Italy, are always exempt from pre-departure swabs; above 6 years of age, a Covid test is mandatory.
2) Isolation: minors between the ages of 0 and 5 are exempted from the obligation of isolation if they travel with a parent who is exempt from isolation because they have a vaccination certificate; minors from 6 to 17 years old (therefore 18 years old), are exempt from the quarantine obligation if they travel with a parent who is exempt from isolation because he is in possession of a vaccination certificate;
However, they will have to undergo molecular or antigen testing. In the absence of a Covid test, even if the parent has adequate certification, the minor is still required to self-isolate.
All minors aged 6 or over are required to take a pre-departure swab, if they do not they are not exempted from quarantine.

1. The Israeli vaccination certificate must also be drawn up in English or, failing that, be accompanied by a sworn translation and bear (1) the holder's name, surname, date of birth; (2) name and batch of the vaccine; (3) dates of administration; (4) authority that issued it.
2. Recognized vaccines are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

For more information:

> Frequently asked questions about returns to Italy from abroad

> Frequently asked questions about travel on the national territory

> Main regulatory references


Coronavirus, information and precautionary measures

On the website of the Italian Ministry of Health you can find a section entirely dedicated to the “New Coronavirus”, with useful information regarding the virus and the related pathology (COVID-19). For additional information consult the following pages:

> New Coronavirus. What it is and how it is transmitted

> How to protect yourself from the new coronavirus

> Frequently Asked Questions related to the vaccination campaign