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Agreement between IIBR, TLS and AOU Careggi signed: paving the way for collaboration in the development of a cure for COVID-19 ד / 07 / 2020

The Director of the Israeli Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), Prof. Shmuel Shapira, the Director General of Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Careggi of Firenze, Dr. Rocco Damone, and the President of the Fondazione Toscana Life Science (TLS) Eng. Fabrizio Landi, signed an important protocol today targeting research for finding a cure for the COVID-19...

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אשרת שהייהד / 06 / 2020

אשרת שהייה להלן הכללים החלים על חזרתם לאיטליה של בעלי היתרי שהייה שפג תוקפם בתקופה שבין 31/01/2020 ל- 31/07/2020, אך הוארכו אוטומטית עד ליום 31/08/2020 על פי צו חקיקה 18/2020. החוזרים לאיטליה עם טיסה ישירה (ללא עצירת...

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Nell'ambito delle azioni a sostegno della ripresa dei flussi turistici internazionali verso l'Italia, sono state pubblicate sul sito le linee guida sulle misure sanitarie e di sicurezza destinate alle attività economiche e a ogni altro settore di attività aperto al pubblico. Le misure hanno lo scopo di mettere in atto un sistema generale di...

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A New Italian-Israeli Cooperation: After the first wave of the Corona epidemic ends with a potential second wave, Israeli-Italian research centers join forces Italian-Israeli cooperation developing a fast screening tool for identifying potential COVI-19 carriers using speech processing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies ד / 06 / 2020

After a particularly difficult few months in which the two countries have faced the challenges of the epidemic with the rest of the w orld, all eyes are now directed to technological solutions to lead the next step in fighting the epidemic. The initial outline for a groundbreaking Italian-Israeli collaboration was at the center of the meeting today between the...

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