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15th Edition of Italian Contemporary Art Day

Press Release

15th Edition of Italian Contemporary Art Day:
Artworks and design furniture
at the Residence of the Ambassador of Italy in Israel
Tel Aviv, 22nd and 23rd October 2019

For the first time the Residence of the Ambassador of Italy in Israel opens its doors to the public for a series of guided tours of the collection of artworks, objects and designed furniture displayed in the house. A project commissioned by Ambassador Gianluigi Benedetti and realized at no cost thanks to the generosity of the art curator Ermanno Tedeschi, Italian artists and design companies.

The “open doors Residence” is organized on the occasion of the 15th Edition of Italian Contemporary Art Day, the great event that since 2005 the AMACI (the Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums) has dedicated to contemporary art and its public. For several years, the initiative has also involved the entire diplomatic network of the Farnesina in an action of integrated promotion of Italian contemporary cultural and artistic production abroad.

The art and design collection of the Residence includes works by both Italian and Israeli artists and designers, whose creations are present in the most prestigious international exhibitions and whose inspiration is linked to the great Italian artistic and cultural tradition and to the Jewish culture: Paolo Amico, Zavi Apfelbaum, Daniele Basso, Bruna Biamino, Nicola Bolaffi, Carla Chiusano, Riccardo Cordero, George De Canino, Enrico Tommaso De Paris, Giorgio Di Palma, Francesca Duscià, Lello Esposito, Margherita Grasselli, Enzo Isaia, Adi Kichelmacher, Brigita Huemer Limentani, Antonio Meneghetti , Barbara Nejrotti, Ugo Nespolo, Marcello Panza, Sharon Pazner, John Pepper, Tobia Ravà, Avivit Segal, Edward Spitz, Suly Wolff.

The collection will be open to the public on 22nd and 23rd October and presented by invitation to gallery owners, curators, museum directors and specialized journalists. The works will be illustrated by the art curator Ermanno Tedeschi, expert and contemporary art critic, in the presence of the artist Lello Esposito, author of some of the most iconic works of the collection, who has been working on the city of Naples and its symbols for about thirty years. On this occasion, Lello Esposito created a work dedicated to Naples on a wall at the entrance of the Residence. In addition to the art and design collection, jewels created by some Italian artists, real artworks to be worn lent by the Babs Art Gallery in Milan, will be on display.

The Residence of the Ambassador of Italy in Israel is, since the Eighties, one of the historic villas of the famous district of Tel Biniamin in Ramat Gan, whose birth and evolution are inextricably linked to the history of Tel Aviv, with houses designed by important European architects of the twentieth century and inhabited by renowned representatives of the country’s cultural and political world.