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First Symposium of Italian Archaeological Missions is coming (Tel Aviv-Acre, September 6th and 7th, 2022)

The Embassy of Italy in Tel Aviv organizes the first Symposium of Italian Archaeological Missions in Israel. Stemming from a collaboration with “Israel Antiquities Authority” (IAA) and with the support of “Tel Aviv University”, the event will be held on 6 and 7 September 2022, respectively in Tel Aviv and Acre, and will be entitled “Italy and Israel: routes, exchanges, connections”. “The initiative” – underlines Ambassador Sergio Barbanti – “aims at promoting the important results achieved by the Italian archaeological missions in Israel and their local partners, while facilitating mutual knowledge between operators in the sector with a view to devise new partnerships and more intense forms of collaboration “.

On the first day in Tel Aviv, at the Department of Archeology of Tel Aviv University, the Heads of Archaeological Missions Prof. Lemorini (University ‘Sapienza’, Rome), Prof. Luschi (University of Florence) and Prof. Benente (University of Genoa) will illustrate with local partners (Prof. Barkai of Tel Aviv University, Dr. Lewis of Ashkelon Academic College and University of Haifa and Dr. Edna and Eliezer Stern of IAA) the results of the excavation campaigns, respectively in Revadim, Qesem Cave and Jajuilia, in Ashkelon and Acre.

On the second day in Acre, Crusader Citadel, the famous Italian medievalist Prof. Cardini will frame the historical relations between Italy and Israel. Afterwards, leading academics from the two countries will investigate the deep connections between Italy and Israel starting from the routes between the Eastern and Western Mediterranean basin (Prof. Kashtan), the technological networks of agriculture (Prof. Avni, Chief Scientist of IAA), the presence Franciscan in the Holy Land (Father Alliata) and Roman architecture in Jerusalem (Prof. Boaretto). The underwater archeology panel stands out, hosting important Italian-Israeli collaborations with a technological background (Sharvit, Prof. Allotta, Scaradozzi and Artioli, Shelach, Dr. Asscher) and the first report on the results of the analyses on a medieval sword found in the waters of Haifa in 2021 (Gosker). The seminar will end with an interview by Prof. Boaretto with young Italian researchers in the country.

In the program also the reconstruction of a Byzantine dinner (Uri Jeremias and Prof. Lev) and a visit-lesson to the ‘Italian places’ of Acri (Dr. Stern and Prof.ssa Luschi), including the Church of Sant’Andrea (Father Bahus) and St. John the Baptist, as well as the “Città di Roma” Restoration Institute in Acre, which was damaged in May 2021.

For the complete program and registration: