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Rome officially presents its candidacy for Expo2030

On March 3rd at the Expo2020 in Dubai, Italy presented the candidacy of Rome to host the Expo 2030 under the theme “People and Territories: Urban Regeneration, Inclusion and Innovation”. Rome is the only capital city of the European Union to be nominated for Expo 2030 and, thanks to its long history of urban and human development, aims at indicating a new way of promoting urban coexistence, overcoming the traditional separation between center and periphery. Indeed, Rome is the city of eternal evolution that has always been capable of combining history and innovation and it will be the perfect place to have a global dialogue on the urban coexistence model of the future. For Rome it is an outstanding occasion to show the world the beauty and the uniqueness of its neighbourhoods. Rome, as the proposed logo suggests, wants to catch this unrepeatable opportunity to be a gateway to the future. With the theme “People and territories: urban regeneration, inclusion and innovation” Rome wants to be the center of this new city model: inclusive, interconnected, sustainable and shared. In Rome, all participating countries will be able to give their contribution to identify the model of urban coexistence of the future.

Official website of Rome Expo2030

Click here to watch the video presenting the candidacy

Click here to watch the Dubai event of presentation of the candidacy:

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