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Registry Office

Please remember that all citizens residing abroad shall register in AIRE as requested by law and in order to have access to Consular services.  On this regard, Law 30 December 2023, n. 213 introduced some important changes to AIRE registration. Specifically, art. 1 paragraph 242, amending Law no. 1228 of 24 December 1954, provides fines for those who do not comply with AIRE registration. Specifically, the new art. 11 of the aforementioned Law 1228/1954 allows Italian Municipalities to issue a fine from 200 Euros up to a maximum of 1,000 Euros per person per each year in which the residency has not been updated for a maximum of 5 years.

Furthermore, art. 1 paragraph 243 provides for a specific obligation for all public offices which, should they become aware of citizens failing to update their residency, shall inform the Italian Municipalities. Consequently, the municipality shall communicate the information received to the Agenzia delle Entrate for any action.

Signing up

Registration with AIRE is a citizen’s right and duty and is the prerequisite for taking advantage of a series of services provided by diplomatic and consular representations abroad and for exercising important rights such as voting. Registration is free and can be done easily online through the portal. To complete the registration, the following documents must be uploaded:

  • Scan of the Italian passport valid for each of the applicant’s family members (the scan must clearly distinguish photos, signature, personal data and document number);
  • Scan of the document proving the residence in Israel, for example, the certificate of residence “Tamzit Rishum Male”, a utility bill (water, electricity, or gas) or the municipal tax file in the name of the applicant. In the case of residence for study or work, the Israeli entry visa is also accepted as proof of residence.

Data update

In the case of transfer of residence or domicile, modification of the composition of the family unit or of the marital status (marriage, birth, divorce, death, etc.), as well as in the case of definitive return to Italy and loss of Italian citizenship, remember to promptly update your AIRE registration data.

To notify the change of address

please Login to Fast It – here

Click on “CONSULAR REGISTER AND AIRE” at the top of the page. Go to the box entitled “NOTIFY THE CHANGE OF ADDRESS” ,click on “GO TO THE SERVICE” and carefully read the instructions posted on the page before submitting the request.


In case of definitive return to Italy, you will have to go personally to your municipality to declare the new residence address. The Municipality will proceed with the cancellation from the AIRE and the simultaneous registration in the ANPR (Resident Population Registry). It will then be the responsibility of the Municipality to officially communicate the effective date of the repatriation to our Consulate.